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MM Voice Commander Allows for the user to control their MediaMonkey experience via voice commands, not just the basic control(play pause etc.) but also the much cooler play {song}, play {artist}, add {song} to now playing, etc..

If you have ideas feel free to propose them, i'll look into adding them, or you can, it's licensed under the New BSD License
or via contact me under people.

Currently is on verison 0.3.0
Installer (0.3.0):

Release Notes:
-Added ability to select which songs when multiple are added.
-Fixed play playlist bug.
-Cleaned up code some
-Allowed Reload of MMVoiceComm without MediaMonkey needing to restart(Buggy because of COM)
-Added more options
--Toggle Logger
--Toggle Voice
--Toggle Reload
--Set Min/Max Jump

For full release notes see
Release Notes

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