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Release Notes:
-Added ability to select which songs when multiple are added.
-Fixed play playlist bug.
-Cleaned up code some
-Allowed Reload of MMVoiceComm without MediaMonkey needing to restart(Buggy because of COM)
-Added more options
--Toggle Logger
--Toggle Voice
--Toggle Reload
--Set Min/Max Jump

Added new Commands:
-start/stop listening
-add song to now playing
-play playlist
-jump to start/end of now playing
-jump to specific song in playlist
-jump forward/backward x numbers of songs

Needs GUI and ability to disable ceratian ones( My memory usage is at 200 mb from 79 mb without plugin)

Implemented the User Interface
Added options pane for commands
-Change commands and the text used to run them
Requires restarting MediaMonkey for it to apply
Added options pane for configuration
-Change Synthesized Voice
-Change if Synthesized Voice Plays back command
Requires restarting MediaMonkey to apply
Add a button to standard toolbar to indicate that it is running

Added Ini Configuration support for:
-Using a faster search(Not sure why one would pick the slower one)
Created Ini Configurable Commands For:
-play song
-toggle pause
-play artist
-play genre
-play album
Made voice panel tell you the last command you said

Initial Binary Only Release

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